The extant Settlement Reports on the Nagpur District are those of Mr. A. B. Ross (1869) and Mr. R. H. Craddock (1899). A large part of the Gazetteer has simply been reproduced from Mr. Craddock's Report, including the description of the District, the notice of climate, several notices of castes, a part of the chapter on Agriculture and that on Land Revenue Administration with numerous other quotations. The description of the Bhonsla dynasty and of the occurrences during the Mutiny is taken from Mr. M. Low's interesting article on the Nagpur District in the Central Provinces Gazetteer of 1871; and some details have been added from the collection of papers called ' Sitabaldi, printed under the direction of Mr. J. O. Miller, when Chief Commissioner. The chapter on General Administration, the article on Nagpur City and a note on the Material Condition of the People were furnished by Mr. F. Dewar, lately Deputy Commissioner of the District, and constitute an interesting epitome of its recent rapid development. A number of the Gazetteer articles, including those on Saoner, Katol, Kalmeshwar, Mohpa, Mowar, Narkher, all the articles on rivers, and those on tahsils, together with the notice of Wild Animals, were contributed by Mr. D. G. Mitchell, Assistant Commissioner; and the section on Manufactures by Mr. B. De, Assistant Commissioner. The sections on Geology and Minerals were written by Mr. L. L. Fermor of the Geological Survey; that on Communications by Captain Oldham, R.E., and the excellent article on Kamptee by Lieut.-Col. F. A. C. Kreyer, for many years Cantonment Magistrate. The articles on Ramtek, Nagardhan and Mansar were written from notes drawn up by Mr. Hira Lal, Assistant Gazetteer Superintendent. The photographs of Sitabaldi, Ambajheri tank and Government House were given by Mr. J. K. Batten.




R. V. R.

18th March 1908.